Liothyronine Sodium


This product was introduced in the 1950s and has been widely used since then. It has been a viable solution for various thyroid treatment plans and for the treatment of Hypothyroidism.

While Liothyronine Sodium isn’t the only synthetic thyroid hormone out there, it is considered one of the best. It is similar to Levothyroxine Sodium, but Cytomel is more powerful. Both of them can be used to treat Hypothyroidism. However, for those looking to enhance performance with a thyroid hormone, Liothyronine Sodium is going to be the best option. When used correctly, it can be a powerful fat loss tool for athletes.

Using it for such a purpose though can have some drawbacks. Some athletes report Cytomel leaves them feeling lethargic. This is due to the high dose it will require to make the fat loss happen. It is the only way to promote the lean muscle mass and allow the body to burn fat rather than muscle when there is a calorie restriction. It is recommended to use Cytomel as an anabolic protectant during a cutting cycle using anabolic steroids.

It is important to pay close attention to your diet when you use Cytomel for fat loss. You have to burn more calories each day than you take in. Otherwise, the Cytomel isn’t going to offer you any benefits. This will allow you to burn calories faster and also ensure the body is burning fat rather than muscle when you do restrict the calorie intake.

Liothyronine Sodium is often combined with the use of HGH. This is because high levels of HGH can actually reduce the amount of thyroid hormone that is naturally produced. As a result, Cytomel can become a necessary supplement. HGH also has a high metabolic rate though so the use of Cytomel will only further enhance it. This can turn the body into a fat burning machine with the right diet and workout plan!

Cytomel is anabolic and it will also enhance the functions of anabolic steroids. Cytomel is able to really promote the use of nutrients in the body from carbs, proteins, and fats. The goal is to eat food that is good for the body and will be used as fuel.